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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tracy and Girls

So, this photo shoot was my first shoot I did "on trade". Tracy is a talented hair dresser, so she cut, weaved and did a Keratin Smoothing treatment on my hair, and I took her and her super cute daughters' pictures. We had quite the time getting the littlest little chica to cooperate, but bribery definitely paid off that day! How pretty are ALL of these girls, mama included. Enjoy!

The Noceti Family

So, Jake was so jealous when he found out I was meeting his school buddy at the beach for a photo shoot with his family! I met this great family down in Laguna on a beautiful foggy morning. I couldn't believe how well behaved their kids were. A great family and great pics to boot!

The Gubernick Family

I love this family. So fun and good natured. We met down at the Lab to get some family pics since they hadn't had any in years. Only problem was, their oldest, was sicker than a dog! He was a stud tho and sucked it up for the hour and a half. Love the close ups. The one of the little boy is actually now my new logo! You can see my entire reflection in his eye so his eye is my new logo. Super stoked! Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Second Shooter

I had the opportunity to be a second shooter at a wedding. I was excited for the opportunity but even more excited to see my old grade school friend who was the head photographer. It was such a great day of learning more about my craft and also reconnecting. Here are a couple shots unedited.

The Price Fam

I have a feeling this photo blog is going to be a lot like my other family blog. Ignored. Neglected. Always having posts that read about how lame I am at blogging, etc. etc. I won't be doing long updates on families until I get caught back up. I think I said that last time.....Oh well, it is what it is. Meet the Price Family. They are one of my favorite families! Love, love them! Their oldest daughter was going on a mission a couple days after this shoot and their son was heading off to college. So, it was special to be able to catch this great family before they parted ways for a bit. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hexburg Family

How awesome is this family? While I was editing this shoot I texted Lori and told her they belonged in a magazine. Great friends and good looking to boot! This was my first shoot at the Lab and I loved it. Enjoy.

Overman Family

This is another FB reconnection. This is Megan and her cute family. Her young boys were so good on this shoot. We had to reign them in every once in a while, but for little dudes, they were awesome! And cute. Seriously cute. Enjoy!